This is the perfect example of how to work with colour. Our model is wearing colourful lashes beautifully.

Working with Colour

Looking for ways to get creative while lashing? Play with colour! Creating advanced styles such as coloured lash sets require attention to detail, a creative vision and advanced layering techniques. There are a world of options when developing these unique sets, and we have the inside scoop on how to get you on the right track to being a coloured lash pro!

Firstly, coloured sets can be anywhere from dramatically flashy, to subtle and soft. Often when we chat with artists they assume colour must be dramatically noticeable right off the bat. It’s important to really have clear communication with your client when dealing with colour.

Ask questions like: Do you want a hint of colour? A lot of colour? Colour that is almost unnoticeable but will make their eye colour pop?

Pictures also go a long way. This is definitely something that should be pre-planned and well thought out.

Think about this: Does this set take layering? How about different curls on each layer?

Mixing curls within coloured lash sets and working with layers can be a blast. Mixing stronger curls (such as D curl on the bottom layer in one colour) and lessening the curls moving upward between the layers (from say a C to a B curl on the top layer) can look lovely if the client you are working on has down facing lower lash line lashes. This allows all of the curls to melt together.

Some clients want their eye colour to pop, but would prefer not noticing the colour within the set very much. The main focus would be to sandwich the coloured lashes between two layers of black lashes. This creates a subtlety and simplicity while still giving the desired “no colour but colour” effect.

Choosing a Colour

Ideally, clients will come in with a vision for their coloured set. This is not always the case. Sometimes they will drop a hint that they want colour and they don’t even notice it. They may say something along the lines of “I wish the colour of my eyes popped more” or “Blue Mascara makes my eye colour pop”! If ever there is a suggestion for your client that you know they will love, don’t be afraid to talk to them about it. Going the extra mile for them and showing them you care about creating the perfect set for them is the kind of thing that will build a loyal lash clientele.

This leads up to colour theory. If our plan is to make the eye colour pop we must use a complimentary colour that will assist in making the colour of the eyes more prominent. Use a colour wheel- these add a fun aspect to your appointment! You’ll ideally want to choose a shade that is on the opposite side of the colour wheel. The contrasting hues will bring attention to the eye colour.

Here are some mappings of fun coloured sets to try out on your most daring clients!

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