Un-opened: Your glue will last up to 6 months unopened as long as you store it in a cool, dry place. 2-10ºC  is ideal for storage.

Opened: Your glue will last 1-3 months after being opened, depending on how it is stored, shaken, and cared for. 

Signs your glue has expired: Click here

It is super important for your adhesive to be in a consistent environment (both humidity and temperature) to avoid Shock Polymerization. When you are shocking the glue by moving it from a cold environment with one humidity/temperature, to a warmer environment with a different humidity/temperature, it really throws off the glues functionality (the glue may be goopy, not work as well, etc.). Consistency is so important if you want the glue to last for as long as possible <3 

  • Always store your glue in a cool, dry place that is out of direct sunlight. 2-10ºC is ideal.

  • Ideally store your glue in a glue home, filled with a small amount of rice or 1-2 unopened silica gel packs (a tupperware container is a great inexpensive option too).

  • Always ensure your glue is stored upright (a glue should never be stored on its side). The cyanoacrylate (the bonding agent) settles at the top, so if the glue is stored on its side you will likely use more cyanoacrylate than other components in each dot.  This will lessen the lifespan of your glue and could cause a reaction to your client. 

  • Fridge Storage: If you choose to store your glue in the fridge, be sure not to keep it on your station during services. Simply shake, take a dot, and place it immediately back in the fridge for later use. 

  • Glue Storage Video:  Click here

The ideal rH of your adhesive is unique to each glue. To find details on your specific glue, please visit the product description on our website. For more information on the importance of rH as well as how to work around fluctuating rH within your lash room, click here to watch our video.

We have a guide on Instagram (click here to access it) that will help you navigate which glue will work best for your lash room's environment, as well as your preferred cure time <3

  1. Pre-Service Prep: Preparing the natural lashes before the service is super important. Each service should begin with a deep cleanse using Lash Bath or Sensi-Bath and a Primer (Bond-Aid) to rid the natural lashes of oils, dirt and debris, while creating a pH balanced surface that promotes a strong connection between the natural lash and the extension.

  2. Environment: Be sure you are using the right glue for your lashing environment - check the glue descriptions on our website to understand more about the specific adhesive you use. Be sure to follow the storage conditions, rH and temperature your glue requires when lashing.

  3. Adhesive: Replace your adhesive bottle regularly to ensure the bond is not compromised due to the glue being too old. We recommend using your adhesive within 1-3 months of opening. If your glue is tacky after shaking and your environment and storage is correct, we recommend replacing your glue immediately.

  4. Timing: Ensure you are using a glue that works well for your service timing. It is often assumed that a faster cure time adhesive will speed up the service, however this is a myth. A new or slower artist (no shame in this) should work with a 3-4 second cure time adhesive. As your speed increases, you can slowly lower your cure time by .5-1 second at a time. Never opt for a faster cure time adhesive until you are ready for it. This ensures you always have enough time to make a proper connection between the base of the extension and the natural lash which is the most important thing to focus on. Some advanced artists will stick with a 2-4 second cure time adhesive at an expert level while others will find that a .5-1 second cure time adhesive works best for them.

Although Cyanoacrylate is the most common allergen within lash adhesives, we can never say with 100% certainty that a sensitive glue will do the trick. Allergies are always tricky because it can be a variety of components that is causing a reaction; such as black carbon, the fibers used to make the lashes, or even acrylates as a whole.

To avoid clogging, every time that you pour a dot of glue you need to burp, clean and wipe the nozzle (with a dry glue wipe) right away. When you are burping the glue, you want to make sure the pressure is kept on the bottle 100% of the time, until the lid is fully closed. When you apply pressure on and off, air gets sucked into the nozzle and this is what clogs our glue. And when the bottle isn't being used, there should be a little divot in it where you have kept the pressure.

Click here to watch a video on how to burp your lash glue.


Steps to prevent your glue from clogging: 

  1. Ensure the glue is being stored in an upright position. When the adhesive is laid on its side, the bonding agent will find its way into the nozzle making the glue more likely to cure in the bottle as soon as it is introduced to moisture upon opening.

  2. Ensure  the bottle is fully sealed between services. This way no air will make its way into the top.

  3. Be sure to properly burp your glue (as explained above) 

  4. Do not keep the glue bottle open for any longer than the amount of time it takes to squeeze out your dot of glue. This ensures that the moisture in your room does not partially cure the glue in the nozzle tip.

Note: You can store your glue with the glue pin inserted into the tip, instead of the nozzle if you choose.

We provide a glue pin and a replacement nozzle with every lash glue purchase. If the glue becomes clogged, try unclogging it with the glue pin by piercing the nozzle hole with the glue pin. If this does not work, the entire nozzle may need to be changed. To change, you can remove the entire glue nozzle from the bottle by using a nail or butter knife to release the nozzle tip from the bottle. Once removed, replace with the new glue nozzle.

Click here to watch a video on how to unclog your lash glue.

It is important to shake your glue from side to side (not up and down). If the adhesive is shaken up and down, it will never get the proper amount of the black components to the top of the bottle because the cyanoacrylate settles at the top of the bottle. Shaking the glue is extremely important to make sure you are dispersing this ingredient throughout the bottle. If you do not thoroughly shake and mix your glue will end up using all of the cyanoacrylate within the first few services.

Check out our video on how to shake your lash glue here.

How long do I shake my glue for? 

By hand: Up to 5 minutes by hand for the first use and then 2 minutes by hand for every use thereafter. 

With Glue-burator: 10-20 seconds in the Glue-burator for the first use and then 5-10 seconds in the Glue-burator for every use thereafter.

This is generally due to either improper storage, improper shaking, or expiration meaning the glue can no longer be used. Before discarding though, check your humidity levels. It is possible that your glue is fine by when using it, the amount of you have placed out for use on your client could be the only bit affected by humidity issues. 

All acrylates (the main component in adhesives) cure with the introduction of moisture. If not enough moisture is present in your lash room, the glue may take longer to cure and if too much glue is present, the adhesive may cure so fast that the bond is weakened. It is important to get to know the glue you are using and work within its ideal temperature and humidity range in order to get the most consistent results and best retention. This range will be quite different depending on the components present within the glue you are using. Be sure to read the product information to find a glue that is compatible with your lashing environment or become versed in ways that you can manipulate your temperature and humidity to suit your chosen adhesive. Watch this video for more details. Click here to watch a video about humidity.

Although changing your environment to suit your glue is the most reliable way to guarantee consistent results from your adhesive, we understand that keeping a consistent environment isn’t always attainable so here is a list of some quick fixes to help your glue cure faster:

  1. Prime the Lashes. 

Bond-Aid Primer serves as a multi-functional product. It rids the lashes of dirt, oils and debris, creates a pH balanced surface to encourage a magnetic like bond and speeds up the cure time of any Lost Artistry’s adhesives. Place Bond-Aid on the natural lashes before all lash services. Click here to watch a tutorial.

  1. Use Foreplay product on the lash strip.

One of Foreplay’s main functions is to combat humidity and temperature fluctuations in lashing environments. It can be applied directly to the lash strip prior to use to assist with any form of handmade fanning. Click here to watch a tutorial.

  1. Nano Mist during the service. 

Moisture increases the cure time of any adhesive. A Nano Mister allows you to gently spray a controlled amount of mist to assist in curing the glue. This method, although effective, is important to use in moderation and with proper usage instructions. During a service, whenever you feel like you need to boost the cure time of your glue, hold the Nano Mister approximately 30 centimeters from the client’s face to avoid overcuring (shock curing). If you notice the glue at the base of the extensions turning white, don’t panic but you have used too much moisture and shock cured the lashes. Reduce how much Nano Mister you use for the remainder of the service. 

  1. Put a few small dots of water on the eye pad while working.

The moisture introduced by the water droplets will speed up the cure time of the glue. Start with just a few dots to see if it helps. You can always add more as you go until you find the sweet spot for your working speed and lashing environment. 


Note: If you notice your favourite glue to be curing slower than normal but your environment hasn’t changed and you have exhausted all fast curing hacks, it may be time for you to change your glue to a faster cure time option. You may simply be getting faster at lashing and need something that will cure faster to assist your speed increase. When sampling a faster cure time glue, be sure to pick an adhesive that only bumps up the cure time by .5 seconds at a time to avoid a difficult transition period. All glue changes take a little getting to. Example: You currently use a 2 second cure time glue. Try a 1-1.5 second cure adhesive next. 


If you are Superbonding the lashes, it is not crucial to Nanomist, as Superbonder will coat and seal the lashes. That said, we always do both. The Nano Mister offers a soothing, refreshing finish for the client, post-service. The two together are an unbeatable duo that will have your clients screaming from the rooftops about how incredible their lash retention has been since you have started using these products on them.

Learn more from our video here

Check out our blog on this topic here.

  • Make sure that you are logged in to the right email and account while placing the order.

  • Go to the checkout after adding your order to the cart. After entering your shipping information, a sliding bar scale will pop up on the right hand side asking how many points you'd like to redeem.

The Lost Artistry Ultra Dark Pre-made Fan collection is unique in that the fiber of the extensions so closely resembles a natural lash that the fiber itself is porous. The porous fiber will temporarily change form and soften with the introduction of alcohol based products in excess. If a lot of Superbonder or Primer is used, the possibility exists that the individual lashes within the premade fan may loosen at the bonding point, slowly shedding some or all of the lashes within a fan leaving a glue residue remaining on the natural lash with no lashes attached to the glue. This is a rare occurrence so we always suggest applying a small amount of these products when using them. If the problem does occur, please either cut back on the product or stop using them for your Ultra Dark Services. In this case, we strongly suggest beginning the service with a very deep cleanse, thorough rinse and a very good dry before moving forward with the service.

Our lash bed is from Cosmoprof. Sadly they discontinued it, but i'm sure Amazon has ones similar. I always suggest reading reviews :)

We do have an Ambassador Program and select new ambassadors at the beginning of every month. This gives us time to go through & review our current ambassadors, as we do have an Ambassador Program Guideline to be followed. If you are interested in our program, please send us your email and Instagram handle to be added to our list of applicants!

Here are some things to know about our program, and what we look for in our ambassadors

  • They follow us on Instagram

  • They know and love our products and have made multiple orders with us

  • They have tagged us in their posts

  • They aren’t associated with other brands already

You bet! We use our Glue-burator attachment to fan the lashes multiple times throughout the service. 

  1. Primer: Once you have primed, give a quick dry before you begin working to avoid the primer getting in the clients eyes. 

  2. Superbonder/Nano Mister: After the set is complete (before you Superbond and Nano Mist), ensure the glue has had a few minutes to cure before the introduction of these post service products. By waiting a few minutes and fanning, there will be no chance of the bond becoming weakened.

Unrelated to products, we also use our fan anytime a client's eyes water during the service or if they have to open their eyes, even for a brief moment.

Yes! Always prime before fill services to get optimal retention. We prime all of our clients pre service, no matter the service type. By priming we create the perfect ph balanced surface and ensure there are no oils, dirt or debris remaining on the lashes that may prevent the extension from holding onto the natural lashes well.

Click here to watch a primer hack.

Our Online Classic Lash Fundamentals Course is where Artists go to start their lashing journey, or brush up on their Classic skills if their previous training didn't set them up for success.

Classic Fundamentals allows students to build their foundation of lashing, and gain the necessary tools to help you thrive in the lash industry. With a 220+ page handbook, 40+ exclusive educational videos and a live virtual exam with one of our Lead Educators, this course is jam packed with all the knowledge a beginner could ever need to get their lashing career off the ground. 

Classic Lash Fundamentals is a 'learn at your own pace' certification course - We've chosen this style of learning because we know that balance is important, and there are no mandatory start or finish dates. Some students take one month to complete this course, while others take upwards of 6+. This all depends on how much free time you have! 

Once you've completed the course and you're feeling confident in your work and have practiced on a few live models, we encourage students to send in photos for review - Then we book you a live Zoom exam with one of our lead educators who will assess the finished set! Not to worry, this is all carefully outlined in the Next Steps section at the end of your course.

A really sweet perk of purchasing ANY Training Course with Lost Artistry is students are given an automatic 10% off discount on all future product orders AND course orders for life - Essentially with all of your savings over time the course pays for itself. 

If you'd like a sneak peek at the learning modules included in your Online Learning Portal, click HERE and scroll down to 'What's Included'. 

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Our Online Volume Mastery Course allows students to be double certified in both Volume and Mega Volume. With a 300+ page handbook, 150+ videos, 30+ mappings and all the support you need along the way, this course is sure to help guide your career further along the path of success. Learn everything there is to know about Volume lashing. Including Easy fans, Pre-fans, Handmade Volume, Handmade Mega Volume, Styling, Colour Theory, Marketing and much more all in one course for only $450+ CAD. Similar to Classic Lash Fundamentals, this course is fully self paced and there are no mandatory start or finish dates, so students are able to balance life and lashing! As for your exam, students are to send over photos of a Volume and/or Mega Volume set for submission - Easy peasy!

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If you're looking to dip your toes into volume but not quite ready to take on Volume Mastery as a whole, we offer a selection of Volume Mini Courses pulled directly from Volume Mastery itself.

If this is the route you'd like to go, we offer to take the full price of your Mini Course off your total purchase of Volume Mastery when you're ready to become certified. This is a great way to sample our training with a very low investment cost to decide if our teaching style is for you.

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We've just introduced a brand new Course into our lineup - Online Advanced Texture!

This course isn’t going to teach you how to apply a classic lash or a volume lash - It's meant to offer you the secrets that most people have to learn on their own after many years of trial and error. Advanced Texture has been curated for the serious Lash Artist who is ready to dive into the most technical/difficult aspects of lashing. If you can perfectly execute an advanced textured lash style, then you can confidently say you have reached a mastery level of all aspects of lashing including direction, placement, styling, mapping, lash layering and the right dimension, diameter, curl and lash types for each unique client.

To pass your certification for Advanced Texture, your educators will have chosen two specific styles for you to select from. Inspiration photos are provided in your manual. The goal is for you to bring one of those looks to life on your client, taking all aspects of their eye shape, natural lash lift, health, challenges and features into consideration - It will be up to you to design the map. From there, your submission photos are sent to Lost Artistry Educators for review to become Advanced Texture Certified! 

We highly recommend having previous Classic and Volume training prior to taking Advanced Texture. If you'd like to take a peek as to what's included in Advanced Texture, click HERE and scroll down to 'What's Included". 

For Advanced Texture, we offer 6 purchasing options: Click HERE to view the dropdown menu of the Advanced Texture Purchasing Options. 


Canada: Shipping is provided by Canada Post and Purolator within Canada. All Canadian PO Box orders will be shipped via Canada Post.

United States: Shipments are sent via DHL

All other countries: International shipments are sent via DHL Express Priority. 

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There are a few potential reasons that this may be happening:  

  1. Humidity: Your humidity is too high for the adhesive.

  2. Cure time: You are working slightly slower than the glue cure time requires. This results in the glue slightly or fully curing before the lash has been placed. This is especially common when working on clients who have troublesome lashes, an extreme natural lash lift or lash count that you are not familiar with. These clients can slow us down a little, in turn requiring a slower cure time adhesive.

  3. Placement: This is more common when working on new clients. Each client requires different placement techniques, depending on their eye shape, natural lash lift or curl. It may take a little trial and error to perfect placement on new clients.

There are a few potential reasons that this may be happening:  

  1. Humidity: Your humidity is too low for the adhesive.

  2. Glue: It’s time for a fresh bottle of adhesive. Perhaps most of the cyanoacrylate (the bonding agent) has been used up and you are left with the other components in the adhesive.

  3. Cure time: You may be ready for a faster cure time adhesive because you are becoming faster as a lash artist. A newer artist should start with a 3-4 second cure time adhesive. As you become faster, we suggest slowly lowering the cure time of your adhesive. We highly recommend never jumping down in cure time by more than .5-1 second at a time (i.e. if you are using a 3-4 second cure time glue, move to a 2-3 second before venturing into a .5-2 second glue).

  4. Oil, Dirt, or Debris on Lashes: There may be oils, dirt or debris remaining on the clients natural lashes. This is why pre-service prep is so important! Always prep with Lash Bath or Sensi Bath Cleanser, followed by Bond-Aid Primer before every service :)

DIY Lashes

Citizen Lash is a do-it-yourself lash company designed by lash extension artists. Why does that matter? It matters because currently in the DIY lash market, the styles are limited within each package that you purchase, often with only 1-2 lengths per tray. With our innovative lash systems, you now have an unlimited number of options to choose from in one individual tray. The styles are endless.

To define them in lash artist terms, they are much like pre-made fans that can be made into custom designed strip lashes for daily wear. Each tray can be customized to your liking and can create 60+ full sets, making each full set of lashes cost as little as $0.66 cents per wear. 

We suggest removing the lashes each night. They can theoretically last for a week if applied directly to the natural lashes without a coating of mascara, however, to keep the natural lashes healthy we suggest removing them nightly. You can reuse each pair 10+ times, though. Simply remove them with remover, clean them and place them back into the lash tray for the next use. 

Click here to watch a full length YouTube video with all the application steps and tips. 

Yes, you can reuse each set 10+ times! We suggest removing the set each night with Citizen Remover, rinse in warm soapy water (a dot of Johnson’s Baby Soap with warm water will wash the remover off of the lashes) and reuse as many times as you like.

As long as you make sure to store your glue with the lid tightly sealed and away from extreme temperatures, it should last 6+ months unopened and 3+ months once opened.

Click here to watch a quick video all about Citizen Lash Minis. 

Click here to watch a video tutorial on DIY lash removal.

If you are wearing mascara under your DIY lashes and plan to remove your eye makeup without removing the lash set, avoid applying cleanser directly on the lash line and lash set. Instead, gently cleanse only the eyelid area. If the cleanser comes into contact with the mascara, it will likely remove the lash extension set.

If you are not wearing mascara with the DIY lashes, we suggest using the Citizen Daily Cleanser and a soft bristled brush to cleanse your lashes in a gentle downward motion, along with your entire eye area. Once cleansing is complete, gently splash water over the entire eye area to remove all cleanser from the lash line. Pat to dry (do not rub). If any lashes pop off during this process, simply reapply the loose lash fan with Connection glue. No need to remove the entire lash set and reapply, unless desired. 

Click here to watch a video tutorial on how to wash your face while wearing DIY lashes.

Your lashes are likely placed improperly - either:

  • angled slightly so that they are not perfectly in line with the lash line
  • too far from the water line
  • too close to the water line. 

Click here to watch a video tutorial on quick troubleshooting tips.

Often when you get a tiny amount of glue in your eyes, it will go away after a few seconds of blinking. However, if a lot of glue gets in the eye and the eye continues to get irritated we suggest flushing with water and seek medical attention if symptoms worsen over time.