bondaid eyelash extension primer
bondaid being applied to a client's natural lashes with microswabs

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Lost Artistry's Bond·Aid Eyelash Extension Primer can be used at the beginning of any lash service to rid the lashes of oil, dirt and debris, providing natural lashes with the optimal environment for proper adhesion. A bonus feature of primer is that it also optimizes the results of any lash glue by accelerating the rate at which your glue will cure, allowing for quicker, more effective extension application. 

  • Recommended to use at the beginning of all lash services
  • Pleasant smell
  • Maximizes retention
  • Works with all glues

Direction For Use: Before beginning a service, take a micro swab applicator and dip into the  Bond·Aid bottle. Take another Micro Swab applicator, and sandwich the lashes between the swabs, coating all of the lashes with primer. This is demonstrated in the  'PRIMING LASHES: Pre Treatment!' on YouTube on our Lost Artistry Youtube channel. It’s important to use a minimal amount of  product, as less is more. 

Directions For Storage: Store away from direct sunlight.  Bond·Aid can be kept at your lashing station.

DISCLAIMER: If you are not familiar with liquid primers, we highly recommend watching our tutorial 'PRIMING LASHES: Pre Treatment!' on YouTube before using this product, as it causes extreme discomfort if used improperly or gets in client's eyes.

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