diy eyelash extension glue for at home temporary lash extensions
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DIY Eyelash Extension Glue
DIY Eyelash Extension Glue

Citizen Lash

DIY Eyelash Extension Glue

Sale price $20.00 CAD

DIY Connection Glue is the perfect all around DIY lash adhesive. 

Gentle Adhesive

  • Great for people with sensitive skin or sensitivities/allergies to regular lash extensions - acrylate free, no-fume formula.
  • Clear Finish 
    Especially good for people new to the Citizen Lash System
    • Precision Application - this mess free formula is very forgiving. The glue starts white, making it easy to see where you are placing it but dries clear, leaving no visible mess behind, even if mistakes are made during application.
    • Offers a slow dry time, allowing up to 20 seconds to adjust placement if necessary.
      Long lasting wear
      • If used on clean, oil-free natural lashes and carefully following at home care protocol, lashes can last for up to 5 days without removal.

        One Day Wear - Easy to remove if wearing mascara beneath the DIY lash extension set with any oil-based makeup remover.

        Multi-Day Wear - If wearing for multiple consecutive days, it is best to use Citizen DIY Remover to remove Connection Adhesive, residue-free. 

        Note: This DIY Lash Glue is intended to apply DIY temporary lash extensions only.

        Storage Instructions: Do not freeze this product.
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