diy eyelash extension remover
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DIY Lash Remover
DIY Lash Remover

Citizen Lash

DIY Lash Remover

Sale price $13.00 CAD
Use this Remover to remove your Connection Adhesive. Note: Not compatible with our 2-in-1 Black Glue. 
  • This oil-based solution makes the DIY eyelash extension removal process a breeze.
  • Gentle and eye-safe
  • Duo function - DIY lash remover and everyday makeup remover
  • Shake the bottle then apply a small amount to lashes using a lint-free applicator (or applicator of your choice). Wait 30 seconds, then remove the eyelash extensions.

Note: This Remover is intended to remove DIY temporary lash extensions that have been applied using DIY Connection Glue. Not suitable for the removal of lash extensions that have been applied with acrylate-based glues. 

Click here for a full removal tutorial.

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