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FREE Weight Equivalency PDF

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There is a direct relationship between diameter and length when assessing and determining what dimension your client’s lashes can handle. When deciding which diameter and dimension to use on a volume client, there is no one size fits all. It takes time to learn the best fit for each client. To help ease the learning curve, we’ve made a Volume Weight Equivalency chart so that you can continue your Classic assessment that you have already mastered while you learn volume weight.

To easily determine the maximum weight in dimension a client can handle for volume lash services, depending on the diameter you are working with, assess your client’s natural lash health to decide which diameter of classic lash is suitable.

Once you have determined the proper classic lash diameter they can handle in a healthy manner, follow the chart to decide the maximum weight in dimension the client's natural lash can handle. You can always choose a dimension that is smaller than the maximum weight they can handle.

If a client wants a darker result but has weak natural lashes, we suggest bumping down the diameter while bumping up the dimension to create a fuller look but a lightweight finish. This may seem like an unhealthy choice but the smaller diameter you choose, the lighter the fan will be. 


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