glue ring for eyelash extension glue
Spill-Resistant Glue Rings (100 Pack)
Spill-Resistant Glue Rings (100 Pack)
Spill-Resistant Glue Rings (100 Pack)

Lost Artistry Lash

Spill-Resistant Glue Rings (100 Pack)

Sale price $9.99 CAD

Perfect for use during any eyelash extension service as a method of holding your lash glue.

Available in packs of 100

Advantages of Lost Artistry Lash Glue Ring:

  • Double-well ring holds two dots of glue. Each ring is good for two uses.
  • Double-well ensures your lash glue stays fresh for as long as possible - the wells keep the glue in the desired dome shape.
  • The shape of the ring is designed to keep your glue within the well.
  • The ridged edges offer fanning support. Simply tap the base of your handmade lash fan in the tiny ridges to create a pointy base.
  • Speeds up application time as you use the ring on your isolation hand, making the distance in which you travel during application less time (your hand is on your clients face).
  • Easy Glue Cleanup (throw it in the garbage).
  • Cuts glue cost as the dome shape wells keep your glue working at its best. 

Usage Instructions:

  • Wear glue ring on your isolation hand.
  • Place 1 dot of glue into one of the glue wells - once its time to switch your glue dot, use other glue well.
  • Dispose of glue ring once both wells have been used.