glue wipes for cleaning eyelash extension glue bottles
Glue Wipes
Glue Wipes

Lost Artistry Lash

Glue Wipes

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Lost Artistry Glue Wipes are the simplest solution to keep your lash extension glue bottles clean and long-lasting. Any time your glue nozzle gets glue-y and the glue is still wet, grab a Glue Wipe, fold it in half, and twist back and forth on the nozzle until the glue is gone. 

  • 200 per box
  • Cotton free
  • Lint free
  • Disposable

Note: Glue Wipes are meant to be used dry. Moisture cures glue. If we use a moisture-dense cloth on our glue bottles, it will actually cure the glue onto the bottle.