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Common Fill Questions

Having your clients come back for fill appointments may seem pretty straight forward. Lash artists who are new to the industry may not think about the many factors that go into booking fill appointments- that’s why it's time to break everything down.

Should I book my clients' fill for 2 or 3 weeks?
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The time between fills depends on many things, such as: your clients aftercare, oils in their skin, their eyelids, how often they wash their face, their at home temperature ect.. A good suggestion is to book a new client two weeks after their initial set, and assess the condition of their lashes. This will give you a better understanding of appropriate fill times. Don't be afraid to ask lifestyle questions-you’re not being nosey.

What do I do about grown out lashes?

It is strongly suggested that grown out lashes be removed. If grown out lashes are left, the set can look unbalanced due to random lengths of lashes where there shouldn't be.

One eye has more lashes than the other?

Balance is key. It’s recommended that the eyes are balanced before moving onto filling the fuller eye. Get the eye that’s more noticeably empty to match up to the other, then work on filling to create a full set. Working with an even foundation is much easier, and the full set will end up looking more balanced.

How do I price my fills?

This is the ultimate question, as fill prices are soulfully up to the lash artist. Always do your research- look into salon pricing and dig deep to see what lash artists charge in your area. One thing to note is that you should never sell yourself short and try to beat out competitive pricing. Using competitive pricing will devalue your service- people expect to receive what they pay for, so show’em what you got. When it comes to pricing for services in general, classics will be your least costly service, then hybrid, volume and finally mega-volume will be your moneymaker.

Are there certain types of fills?

Usually lash artists offer a “mini fill” and a “standard fill”. A Mini Fill means your client still has about 75% retention- this is done usually once a week and is the least costly fill option. The mini fill is perfect for clients who want full fluffy lashes ALWAYS. The standard fill is the most common fill that artists offer. Clients should be coming in with 50% retention- this is done every two to three weeks depending on how well the client takes care of their lashes, or how good the retention is. A standard fill will cost approximately half of a full set. It is important to remember that if a client comes in with less than 50% retention, they are in need of more than a standard fill.

Here at Lost Artistry we love chatting all things lashes, leave a comment below and tell us your most common fill questions! Also, check out our How to Troubleshoot your Service Fills video!

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