Knowing how to combat fluttering eyelids makes lashing so much easier.

Combating Fluttering Eyelids

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There is nothing more stressful than your client coming in with the feared “fluttery eye”. This is usually caused by one of two things: stress or caffeine. Both stress and caffeine cause alertness, making your senses intensified. As a result, eyes can flutter and twitch.


Before appointments, it's strongly suggested to notify your clients that a coffee isn't recommended! Inform your clients that it's best for the both of you to save the coffee for after their appointment.


To combat fluttering eyes, slight weight should be added to the eyelid. Try using gel pads! When placing your under eye gel pads, try flipping one upside down and sticking it to the top of the lid for added weight. This is not uncomfortable and will not tug or irritate your client. Make sure to get super tight to the lashline and let the pads do their magic. You should be noting a lot less eye movement.


If this doesn't do the trick and the fluttering is too intense, people often will attach the gel eye pads with tape. Use micropore tape to stick from one pad to the other - this really helps with holding down the lid gently but sufficiently.


Videos of lash artists resting coins on top of fluttering lids have been going around the internet. This is so unsanitary if the coin is not wrapped up! If you do end up needing to use objects that are a bit heavier, make sure they are completely clean and sanitized before you do so. As lash artists, we know that the eye area is very sensitive and all objects being placed on or around the eyes must be cleaned thoroughly. Coins are fine to use if they are sanitized and wrapped with tissue paper or plastic wrap.

Try and create a calm and stress free environment for your clients. Create relaxation by using aromatherapy or offering to play some calming music. Get your client in a space where they can zone out and focus on something other than their lashes.

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