Kaitlyn's Top Picks

Kaitlyn's Top Picks

With so many product options floating around in the lash industry, it can be hard to pick and choose confidently. Sometimes you’re already fully stocked up, but just want to play around with some new and exciting goodies. Either way, Kaitlyn has conjured up her top favourite products specifically for her readers to test out and enjoy just as much as she does!


Kaitlyn is obsessed with our Grippopotamus Crane Tweezers for Classic lash sets. Our Grippopotamus line of tweezers are designed to be very sturdy but lightweight which helps with grip and ergonomics. It has a sharp precision tip and is acetone friendly. Another favorite is our Gold Member Volume Tweezer! This tweezer can easily maneuver around small areas with its thin L shaped tip. This makes fan pick up and laying the lash easier than ever before. It’s acetone friendly and extremely ergonomic!


Kaitlyn's all time favourite lashing staple is our Sensit·eyes Glue! This is a great option for clients with sensitivities or allergies. This glue is perfect for classic lash applications, and for new artists who are starting to slowly build speed. When it comes to any corrective work, the dry time of this glue gives artists lots of wiggle room! Another top pick is our famous and best selling glue: Bondage! This beauty can be used for any lash service, and is suitable for any skill level. This glue has a dark black finish, sets within 2-3 seconds and has a wicked hold! Visit our website to dive deeper into how wonderful these glues are!


Sometimes accessories aren't thought of as necessary- total myth! Kaitlyn prides herself on all of the Lost Artistry lashing accessories especially the Glue Home and the Lost Artistry Carrying Case. Our glue home can act as a stylish compact storage jar for all of your favourite Lost Artistry lash glues. It’s airtight seal helps maximize the life of your glue while looking super cute in your lashing space!

As for the Lost Artistry Lash Carrying Case - it offers optimal organization due to its many convenient features and compartments. With a key to lock and adjustable shoulder strap, you can now make your favourite products portable!

These favourites of Kaitlyns are only a few of many. Who knows, they could be your favourites too!

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