Why Online Training is the Future of Lashing!

Why Online Training is the Future of Lashing!

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The lash industry is booming, and you want a piece of the cake but don't know where to start. With all of the Lash Certification programs on the market, it's easy to get overwhelmed and find yourself searching endlessly only to be left confused. When choosing to train through an online course, you as the student can take control of your learning. Online training is the future.

With online training, you can adjust learning to fit your personal schedule. Whether you're a super mom at home with the kids, or a boss babe working a 9-5, there are always opportunities to squeeze in some lash learning. Instead of stressing over working your schedule around a course, and potentially showing up to an in class training ill prepared, you can learn in the comfort of your own home. A zero pressure learning environment allows students to better absorb content, and allow themselves to be more confident.

Your online portal will remember the content so you don't have to. Showing up to a training course with a handful of other eager lashers can be a bit hectic. You can take all the notes you want, but at the end of the day, why wouldn't you want all the content in front of you. With online training, you can rewatch and revisit every bit of content and take away something new from your finding every time.

There is no better learning quality than learning in HD. Sitting in a classroom trying to peek over heads isn't always beneficial as a new lash student. You might not always be guaranteed a front row seat, and you'll have to compete with everyone else to get the perfect view. With online training content, you're given the best quality HD videos and pictures for a clear depiction of how you should be holding your tweezer, laying the lash, shaking glues and much more. The best part is you're able to rewind all of the video content and watch it over and over again.

Another great bonus of learning online is that it's just you and your instructor. You have time to ask well thought out questions and your instructors have time to think and articulate their answers. Instead of being put on the spot or not being able to get to your question at all, online learning allows for your teachers to be more attentive. With lashing being such a tedious and skillful profession, students need thorough and well thought out content/question responses- online learning allows for this!

With the traditional in class lash courses, students can't learn and absorb all the necessary information with just a few days. To make lash training profitable, educators often have to condense their training into a few days. This can be stressful and feel like you're learning is being rushed. There's no limit to how much content can be shared via online platforms. Students basically have a world of information at their fingertips.

Becoming a lash artist is a career choice. You want to be fully educated and prepared to take on your new lashing journey- start online.

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