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Welcome to all things glue. We’ve answered your most burning questions to help you feel more confident in what you’re using while you make magic!

How long do glues last?

Depending on proper storage in a temperature controlled environment (we recommend 18-23°C) unopened glues should last upwards of 6 months. Be aware that if a glue starts out its shelf life in the fridge, it needs to stay there. The quality of your glue will be affected if its storage location is moved around. Opened glues will last anywhere from 1-3 months (again if being stored properly and kept in a temperature controlled environment).

How should I shake my glues?

Upon first use of a freshly opened glue, the bottle should be shaken either by hand for 5 minutes, or 10 seconds attached to our Glue·burator. Each use after, shake by hand for 2 minutes or shake with the Glue·burator for 5 seconds. We recommend using our Glue·burator to shake glues, as this saves so much time before a service! Save your energy for lashing, not glue shaking!

Does humidity affect the life of my glue?

This can be tricky. Room temperature can be deceiving- your lashing space could be at a nice moderated room temp, but the humidity won’t always match. Please be mindful of this, as it can make or break the lives of your glue! We suggest having a hygrometer in your lash space. This is an instrument used to measure the amount of water vapour and humidity in the air. Check out our IGTV video on glue storage + care!

What can I do if my clients are glue sensitive?

Generally when clients become sensitive, it is due to an ingredient in all glue’s called Cyanoacrylate. This sensitivity is not always instant- it’s usually gradual and unfortunately can’t be prevented or fixed. If your client just prefers more gentle products, Sensit-eyes is your answer! It has 10% less cyanoacrylate (the component that most commonly causes glue sensitivities) than most lash glues BUT doesn't compromise retention. This is a great glue to have at the ready. Not only does it set in 3 seconds, but has a non wicking black finish. Also, our Freshi product absorbs glue fumes eliminating eye irritation- this is also a great addition to your lash space and is suitable for all clients walking through your doors. Just set the product on your station, remove the lid and let it do its magic.

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  • Hey, is quicky good for classic lashes ? I had my temperature and humidity right but as I brushed through the classic lashes they were all falling but the fans were fine.

    Lianet Gomez

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