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What are your lashes made out of?

All of our lashes are 100% Cruelty free and are made from the highest quality synthetic PBT fibres available.

What are Lost Artistry pro-fan lashes?

Lost Artistry Pro-Fans are the future of volume lashing. No more tedious fan building, risking fans closing due to glue rising or a rogue lash splitting in an unwanted direction. Lost Artistry Pro-Fans are pre-made volume fans that cut your volume lash application down significantly. Our double heat bonding method ensures the lightest and highest quality pro-fan lash on the market. If you can do classic lashes, now you can do volume lashes. Faster, fuller and perfect every time. The wait is over.

How are your pro-fans-bonded?

Our Pro-Fans are bonded using a unique double heat bonding method to ensure an extremely light weight, tiny uniform base.

Do you offer bulk or wholesale discounts?

Absolutely! For more information please email us at info@lostartistrylash.com with your businesses volume requirements ♥

Do you offer free shipping?

Within North America, orders of $200 or more qualify for FREE Priority Express shipping which takes an average of 1-3 business days to arrive granted no unforeseen customs delays.

What is your return policy?

All returns must be made within ten business days of your order being received. You are responsible for return shipping fees. Items must be unopened and in original packages with no damage. Upon inspection, a refund will be made within fourteen business days. In the event that the return is a result of our error, we will cover the return shipping expense, as determined by our customer care department.

Are Lost Artistry fans safe for my natural lash?

If done by a properly trained and experienced technician, eyelash extensions should not damage your natural lashes at all. It is up to the individual to ensure their lash technician is qualified and experienced.

How long will Lost Artistry Pro-Fans last?

If properly applied, you can expect the exact same retention that you would see from your classic sets. It is important to use a high quality glue and proper application technique.

My glue has a poor retention rate

Your glue has likely gone bad due to age or improper storage. If properly stored, once opened, all of our glues last up to three months. See the exact storage requirements of each glue in the description of the specific glue.

Why has my glue turned thick and sticky?

Generally this is due to improper storage and glue can no longer be used. Before discarding though, check your humidity levels. It is possible your glue is fine but when using it, the amount you have placed out for use on client could be the only bit affected by external excess or lack of humidity.

How many trays for a full set?

This question is impossible to properly answer due to the fact every client is totally unique in the number of individual natural lashes they have.
To answer the best we can, here’s a rundown on the tray options we have as well as how many fans are in each.
Note: 3D trays have double the fan amount because each fan is tinier, making it possible to fit many more which in turn means, double the clients!! (woohoo)
Oh! and hybrid being a mix of volume and classic, you will also get double the clients mentioned below.
Small tray: 80 fans per tray (On average it takes approximately 2-2.5 trays to complete a full volume or mega set)
Large tray: 240 fans per tray (On average it takes 1 tray to complete a full volume or mega set)
XL tray: 320 fans per tray (On average you will use just under 1 tray to complete a full volume or mega set)


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