eyelash extension cleansing combo

Lost Artistry Lash

Combo - Foam Cleanser


Our cleanser with a discounted brush!

Sure to be your eyelash extension shampoo of choice! Lost Artistry’s gentle foam cleanser is specially formulated for eyelash extensions. It makes for a perfect Add-On to service your clients needs at home. Regular use maintains optimal lash retention, keeps lashes free of debris, and removes all makeup. Our lash shampoo formula will enrich your clients lashes with the Essential Proteins and Vitamins they need  :)

  • Great for Resale
  • Improves Your Bond
  • Keeps Lashes Healthy
  • Makeup Remover
  • Easy to Use
  • Gentle and Effective

Lost Artistry’s Cleansing Brush was specifically designed by lash artists as the perfect tool for cleansing during lash services or as a take home product for lash wearers. The fine, soft bristles of this cleansing brush were crafted to maneuver between even the most dense lash line for the deepest cleanse, without putting strain on the lash follicle. Pair with Foam Cleanser or Sensi Bath Cleanser to enjoy the most comfortable, efficient cleansing experience that both you and your clients deserve. 

Our combo kit will save you money and these two items perfectly compliment each other.

Wondering how to clean your Lost Artistry Brush? Click here to read our blog about how to disinfect lash brushes for services, or click here to watch a video.

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