eyelash extension consultation note cards

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Consultation Note Cards

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Consultation Note Cards allow you to keep detailed records about each of your eyelash extension client's preferences and lashing needs. Available in packs of 10, 20 and 50, these Note Cards are double-sided including a Consultation Guide on the front and Standard Mappings on the back for quick reference.

Each Consultation Note Card is printed onto sturdy card stock for durability and safe keeping. 

Benefits of Consultation Note Cards:

  • Keep the lash map for future services - sometimes it can be hard to remember what we did a few weeks, a month or years before.
  • Keep record of changes you would like to make at future appointments - maybe the lashes point down but you used C curl at the last appointment and need to remember for a future appointment to use L, D, CC or M.
  • Make notes on things your client likes or dislikes about lashes - this way you can always keep improving the finished look at each fill, if needed or perhaps they have mentioned something important that you don’t want to forget - example; perhaps at the first app. the client says “I only like cat eye” - by writing this down, you will remember not to offer a different style in the future or start by saying “I know you usually only like cat eye, but …” this helps clients recognize your level of care for them
  • Make notes on something personal about the client (ex: Birthday, Dog name, etc) - this helps establish a connection and helps the customer feel important (because they are).

Card measurements: 6.8 inches X 5.3 inches