crytal glue holder for eyelash extension application
Crystal Glue Holder
Crystal Glue Holder
Crystal Glue Holder

Lost Artistry Lash

Crystal Glue Holder

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For any lash service, Lost Artistry’s Crystal Glue Holder keeps your glue from curing too quickly by forming your glue dot into the perfect dome shape. Simply place a dot of eyelash extension glue directly into one of the glue wells and fly through services without switching your glue as frequently. Once it is time to switch up your glue dot, don’t worry about discarding the old dot of glue, just move along to the next glue well without the concern of them globbing together. 

This product also assists with the Volume Shimmy Method, as you can brush the fan base in an empty glue well then dip into glue and glide as necessary. 

How to Clean: Place Crystal Glue Holder directly in acetone for at least 1 hour or overnight. Remove with tongs or gloves, rinse with water, dry, and continue use as normal.

Clear Glue Holder Dimensions: 6cm tall x 5cm wide x 0.5cm thick

Black Glue Holder Dimensions: 6.75cm tall x 4.75cm wide x 0.5cm thick

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