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Y Comb Tool

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Y Comb Tool

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The mini Y Comb tool is the perfect multitasking tool for performing both brow and lash lamination procedures by brushing the lash and brow hairs into the desired position. For lash lifts, it is an effective alternative to traditional lash lift tools, and can successfully adhere lashes onto the silicone shields, while separating them neatly for amazing results. For brow lifts, this tool allows you to brush the brow hairs in a straight, upwards direction with the utmost precision, even with the most stubborn brow hairs.

It features a lightweight dual-ended design, offering a rounded flat edge on one side and a fine-toothed comb on the other, both enhancing functionality. The flat end is designed for pulling the lashes tightly onto the shields with ease, while the comb provides accurate separation of lashes after each stroke. The ergonomically designed handle ensures the tool is comfortable to hold and control. It aids in providing perfect, isolated lashes with minimal fixing before the application of lash lift solutions. The tools are available in a convenient, disposable pack of 10 providing optimal hygienic application. The Y Tool is designed to achieve exceptional results, ensuring flawless lash and brow transformations. 


Pack of 10.