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Foreplay Lash Product

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Foreplay is a multi-purpose eyelash extension product, useful for all lash artists of any level.

Use this product to:

  • Assist in hand-making wet lash fans by brushing a small amount of Foreplay product directly onto the tips of the lashes on the strip.
  • Combat humidity fluctuation in any lash room, ensuring your adhesive of choice works consistently no matter what environment you lash in.
  • Help release handmade volume lash fans from the sticky strip with ease. Place a small amount of product along the base of the lash strip, the extensions will release easily from the sticky strip which makes pick-up much less stressful and the base of the extensions more likely to bundle and snatch.
  • Change any glue from wicking to non-wicking, ensuring the adhesive doesn't close up your volume fan by riding up the base, unintentionally.

Directions for use: Dip a microswab into a small amount of the Foreplay liquid - dab excess liquid on a Glue Wipe to ensure it’s not dripping, then gently glide (with very little to no pressure) directly along the base of the lash strip and/or onto the tips of the lash strip.

Note: Foreplay is not intended for use on the natural lashes, only use this product on your lash strip. 

Do not completely saturate the lashes, and allow the liquid to dry for 1-2 minutes prior to lash application.

Foreplay can be reapplied to the base of the lash strip every 40-50 minutes as needed.


Directions for storage:

  • Keep in a well ventilated environment. 
  • Keep away from heat, harsh light and children/pets. 

What does Wicking mean?

Wicking is a term used by lash artists when adhesive travels up the fan toward its tips, closing the fan.

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